Easton Synergy EQ20 [Regular Curves]

Refurbished composite hockey stick Easton Synergy EQ20 - Senior.

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If you want to play with one of the best sticks in the world but are not willing to spend a fortune for it, than consider buying this product. We refurbish broken sticks (that are otherwise in very good condition) in a way that preserves the flex, weight, balance and feel of the original stick.

Believe us, this stick will far outperform any other 75 € hockey stick on the market!

To good to be true? Not any more. Join the hundreds of satisfied players who are coming back for another stick and don't forget to tell your friends and teammates about us as well.  

We offer a 31 day ''no-matter-what'' guarantee on the repair. We mean what we say and  we firmly stand behind our work! 

If you are looking for something specific please contact us at +386 41 277 923 or info@hockeyrepairshop.com.

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