About us

We are a group of passionate hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. As hockey players we have broken or damaged a great number of hockey sticks so to save some money we decided to repair them ourselves.

Months have passed from first attempts to the first satisfying results, but the growing number of successful repairs and satisfied friends and colleagues encouraged us to expand our knowledge and practical skills to the level where we can offer a top quality and affordable repair solution to the hockey community. We hope, or better, we are certain that with our effort we will help save hockey players and their parents a substantial amount of hardly earned money.  

The response to our work has been incredibly positive, when it comes to durability, weight, flex and balance of the repaired sticks. We promise to continue to use only the best materials and to keep improving our repair methods to provide you with the best possible experience of playing with a repaired hockey stick.

We welcome you to visit us regularly and to send us your feedback about playing with our sticks!

About our work

The feedback we receive from our customers every day fuels our determination to keep working hard in bringing you the greatest possible value:

I have already ordered 5 sticks. I am enthusiastic, you are doing a very good job. The last three are longer than the retail sticks, that's my preferred length. So perfect. I have already recommended you to several teams. Keep it up. Good work.

Best regards,

– Léon Dona, Lindau, Germany

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