Blade Pattern Charts

Hockey stick blade curve or pattern is one of the most important yet one of the most complex and overlooked aspects of modern-day hockey. Different blade patterns are designed to excell in different areas of the game (give you harder shots, better accuracy or increased puck control) so choosing the right pattern will depend on your typical playing position (defense or offense) and more specifically the actions (shooting, passing, dangling, deflecting, digging in corners) you most often need to perform.

Below is a list of the most popular standard/retail blade patterns offered by the biggest stick manufacturers. This comprehensive list should give you a broad overview of the available options and help you find similar blade patterns offered by diferent stick manufacturers.

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  1. BAUER Standard/Retail Blade Patterns
  2. CCM Standard/Retail Blade Patterns
  3. EASTON Standard/Retail Blade Patterns
  4. SHERWOOD Standard/Retail Blade Patterns
  5. TRUE Standard/Retail Blade Patterns
  6. WARRIOR Standard/Retail Blade Patterns

Comparison of Standard/Retail Blade Patterns based on Curve Type (Heel VS Toe)

Heel- to Toe-Cuve Comparison Chart

Designations of equivalent (most popular) Blade Patterns by different Stick Manufacturers

Equivalent patterns by different brands

BAUER Standard/Retail Blade patterns (2018)

Bauer Blade Curve Patterns

CCM Standard/Retail Blade patterns (2018)

CCM Blade Patterns

EASTON Standard/Retail Blade patterns

Easton Blade Chart

SHERWOOD Standard/Retail Blade patterns

Sherwood blade patterns

TRUE Standard/Retail Blade patterns

TRUE Blade Curve Chart

WARRIOR Standard/Retail Blade patterns (2018)

Warrior Blade Chart