Bauer Vapor X TE 2016 New Hockey Stick - Senior [Standard Curves]

Bauer Vapor X TE 2016 New Hockey Stick - Senior [Standard Curves]

X TE 2016 is the Third Best model of the 2016 Bauer Vapor series.

     Weight - New
 Vapor 1X 2016
420 g
 2ND  Vapor X900 2016
435 g
 3RD  Vapor X TE 2016
475 g
 4TH  Vapor X800 2016 480 g
 5TH  Vapor X700 2016  

Bauer Vapor X TE 2016 - The real team stick with improved Quick-Release Taper Technology for very fast shots.

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- Ideal for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick-release shots

- Vapor Low-Kick flex profile

- IMPROVED QRT Technology
* The 2016 QRT Taper with the re-engineered fiber orientation provides an even quicker shot release than the previous QRT Taper
* Offers the quickest loading process and the quickest releasing process to date from Bauer

- Premium Lightweight Carbon Fiber

- Micro Feel II Shaft
* Round corners double concave shaft walls
* fit comfortably in your hands
* the result is easier puck handling and superior support

- GRIPTAC grip finish

- Pure Shot blade profile
* Increases accuracy and blade control by preventing the blade from opening up or twisting on big Shots
* Increases durability with the additional material in place

- Double density blade core

WEIGHT of a senior stick with grip and a P92 pattern.
- approximately 480 grams

There can be variances in stick weights within the same model depending on flex and pattern.

Bauer Blade Curve Patterns

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  • 31-days, unlimited warranty for the stick (free repair)

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Our Story

Our Story

We are a group of passionate hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. As hockey players we have broken or damaged a great number of hockey sticks so in order to save some money we decided to try to repair them ourselves.

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Our Quality

Our Quality

The quality of our refurbished sticks has been tested by more than 10.000 amateur and professional hockey players. Have a look at one of the most extensive tests performed by members of the HC Tiroler Wasserkraft Innsbruck.

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