Bauer Supreme 1S 2017 Refurbished Hockey Stick - Senior [Standard Curves]

Bauer Supreme 1S 2017 Refurbished Hockey Stick - Senior [Standard Curves]

1S 2017 is the Premier model of the Bauer Supreme 2017 series.

    Weight - New Refurbished
Supreme 1S 2017
423 g +24 g
2ND Supreme S190 466 g  
3RD Supreme S180 472 g  
4TH Supreme S170 482 g  
5TH Supreme S160 533 g  

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  • Height:: 170 cm
  • Location of repair: Shaft

Bauer Blade Curve Patterns

This product is covered by:

  • Lifetime warranty for the repair
  • 31-days, unlimited warranty for the stick

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Please note that this hockey stick was used, damaged (broken) and subsequently repaired with our own repair technology (ReFlex), which is not approved by the manufacturer, nor does the manufacturer agree with the repair. The refurbished stick has different properties than the original new stick. The refurbished stick is a product sold under the Hockey Repair Shop brand and it is made from the remains of broken sticks of the original manufacturer.

The refurbished stick may differ in appearance from the original new sticks. You can find detailed information on this and other topics in Frequently Asked Questions >>

Our Story

Our Story

We are a group of passionate hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. As hockey players we have broken or damaged a great number of hockey sticks so in order to save some money we decided to try to repair them ourselves.

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Our Quality

Our Quality

The quality of our refurbished sticks has been tested by more than 10.000 amateur and professional hockey players. Have a look at one of the most extensive tests performed by members of the HC Tiroler Wasserkraft Innsbruck.

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