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[LOW-KICK POINT] Refurbished Hockey Sticks

A LOW-KICK point is designed for the player who relishes a lightening quick release. Mainly for quick wrist shots and snap shots this kick compresses and loads in the tapered area of the stick and is meant to get the puck on net as fast as possible, usually when you are within a close vicinity of the net. Perfect for: SCORING ATTACKER.

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Our Story

We are a group of passionate hockey players and hockey enthusiasts. As hockey players we have broken or damaged a great number of hockey sticks so in order to save some money we decided to try to repair them ourselves.

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Our Quality

The quality of our refurbished sticks has been tested by more than 10.000 amateur and professional hockey players. Have a look at one of the most extensive tests performed by members of the HC Tiroler Wasserkraft Innsbruck.

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