Bauer Nexus Mid-Kick Point reparierte composite Eishockeyschläger

Nexus logo
Nexus Flex profile

Bauer designed this stick to bridge the gap between the Supreme and Vapor families, making sure every player has a flex profile that is a perfect fit. Bauer calls the the Nexus flex profile the Tru-Mid Flex Point and it offers a very traditional kick point. The center portion of the stick is very stiff but the ends (think upper handle and lower hosel near the blade) have been slightly softened, which gives the user a much more responsive feel without changing the integrity of the Tru-Mid Flex Profile. As described by Bauer's Product Manager Evan Baker, the Nexus combines the best of both the Supreme and Vapor families, offering a Vapor-like quick release on wrist/snap shots but can give you thorough Supreme-like power on big slap shots and one-timers.


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