Úžasný klíčenka Otvírák na láhve Zobrazit v plné velikosti

Úžasný klíčenka Otvírák na láhve

This beautiful product, hand-made from an actual composite hockey stick is a MUST HAVE for every hockey player or enthusiast. It is the #1 tool we have all been looking for!

Show your LOVE for hockey and be the MOST WANTED guest at every party!


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GREAT FOR GIFTS: Makes the perfect "Cool Gadget" gift for hockey lovers, hockey dads, your best man, and for your whole hockey team.

TOP QUALITY MATERIALS:  100% Carbon-fiber construction, you can Pop the Top, bottle after bottle.

EXPRESS YOUR HOCKEY SOUL: The real hockey stick design will impress your friends and put you in the center of any party!

EASY, FUN CAP REMOVAL: Works on beer and soda bottles and any bottle with twist-off, fixed and crown caps. Place on bottle, push up and off it pops!

DOBLE-FUNCTION: Perfect for wearing your home keys,  it fits in every pcket. You will be equipped with a ready-to-use bottle opener wherever you go!


  • Dimensions: 5,5 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm.
  • Material:  carbon-fibers + waxed color lace
  • Hand made.

Note: Each Keychain Bottle Opener is hand made and unique, so the actual appearance of the product may deviate from that shown in the picture.


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